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It all started when…

My mother met my father, two Cypriots who’s stars aligned all the way over in Australia. Who would have known. How is it that from Europe, so many families could migrate and yet my parents both came from the same small island, from the Cypriot villages of Nicosia and Aradippou.

From their love three small children were brought into the world. My sister, Leah, my brother, Daniel, and of course myself, Andreas. I’m so grateful for our upbringing, and I know Leah and Daniel are also. But enough about them, they’re cool and everything, but somehow the “About Me” section should be a bit about me, or is that self-righteous?

Borne in the early 80’s I had a normal middle-class life in the small city of Adelaide, Australia. Growing up I had significant learning difficulties which prevented me from reading, writing and doing math at the same level as my peers (insert irony here). Diagnosed with ADD in year 8 (first year high school in Aus), I had fallen so far behind it was impossible to catch up. Still, after high school and a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, I ended up in University studying Software Engineering (hello again, irony).

The dizziness which ensued from there was a three year stint in Dubai, followed by a further two years in Switzerland. Leaving Australia was perhaps the most life changing event which has happened to me, to date. When you leave home the growth which ensues is fascinating, as you alleviate yourself from life’s commitments you’re forced, somewhat, to focus on yourself, who you are, where you’re going, what you’re doing. Life is about balance, and while trading in the endless family commitments came with personal growth, it also meant missing out on the various birthday parties and weddings, moments which can never be re-lived.

It would have been challenging to face this alone, but then again, I’m not alone. Hello Michaela, my wife and inspirational bunny who reminds me to live purposefully. It would not be a stretch to say that if we hadn’t meet each other it would have taken me years longer to ask the question; who am I? what am I doing? So many people go through their lives never asking these questions. If you achieved all your goals, what is left of you? Who are you after that? We focus so much on setting goals that we never take the time to really ask ourselves why? What purpose does it serve? Or even greater, what purpose does life serve? These are all big questions, some of which have no straight forward answer (no matter how much we would like them to).

After five years of reading, writing, attending workshops, breathing, yoga and gaining a remedial understanding of psychology, I’ve decided to stop bullshitting myself, and to help others to stop bullshitting themselves. So let me put this honestly and forthright as I can; there is no way OUT, other than IN. So, with that, let’s skip the bullshit.


It has been two years since we moved to Switzerland. The first five months were spend living in a hotel room, not much larger than a bedroom. Eventually we found a space we loved, and this is it. Welcome.




Tilly, Wineypicchuuuu or pichi, as she is affectionately called. She got the name because she doesn’t meow, in as much as she opens her mouth and breaths our air without any audible sound.

She is the love of our lives. I wonder how she will deal with us having children. I’m sure she’ll plot her feline revenge, as all cats do.

We got Tilly from Abu Dhabi. There was a lady there who had far too many cats for one household. While all the other cats where running around and enjoying themselves, Tilly was hiding in a corner in a seperate room far at the back. When we approached her she didn’t want to be touched.

Photo by NiseriN/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by NiseriN/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Lulamej/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Lulamej/iStock / Getty Images

It took four weeks at our house before Tilly would let us pet her. Another two weeks later we could pick her up for five seconds. Shortly after, we were holding her and petting her all at the same time. Whether she likes it or not :-)